Beyond the Utopian Ideal Bookclub

Most people operate from a fixed idea or concept of how things are supposed to be, rather functioning in the moment, where they can change anything as needed to accomplish and create more. This creates tremendous limitation.


We use conceptual contracts to create purpose and a sense of rightness. Relationships, sex, sexuality, family, and the future are examples of conceptual; contracts. Society is a construct, Culture, religion, and reputation are constructs. These things are not actually real: they are conceptual realities that have been dropped into our existence.


We buy into them, and then at some point, we give up our awareness in order to buy the rightness of this reality. We accept the notion that being normal, average, and real - just like everybody else - is the best and only way to BE.


The problem with conceptual contracts is that they put you into conflict with yourself at every turn.


This book is about becoming aware of the ideal concepts and constructs that create limitations and barriers to what is possible for you. The constructs have to come off so you can create a world that works fore you.


WARNING: This book is not a book you get trough quickly. It's not light reading. It's not a book you leave in the toilet. This is a book you're going to have to study. Don't buy it if you don't want to study and learn more.


So who is up for a bookclub to study this amazing book? Are you ready to break down the constructs from this reality in favor of a life and living that you created and totally works for you without limitations?


What do you get in these two months of reading with Anita's Bookclub?

-7 Live ZOOM calls per Main chapter(1-1,5 hours depends on the chapter length). 

-a lot more awareness on where you slip in these constructs and use choice instead.

-Private FB group for discussions and meetings.

-Recordings will be available in the FB group and a link sent to you personally to download within 5 days.

-Clearing loops as a download when the energie is there.

-Pop-ups in the FB group with Anita

-Pop-ups in the FB group with Anita & (reader guests, this could be you if you choose?


Every Monday evening starting from November 11th CET 19.30-20.30 or 21.00.

Pre-reg is you owning the Beyond the Utopian Ideal book!


Your choices for the investment in you: 

25 euro per chapter/call for only that live zoom and audio ( no access to the FB group).

140 euro for all the calls as a commitment to you with access to all of the above.



After registration is send to Anita, you will receive an email within 1-2 days with the

bank payment details and other information in it. 

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