2022 Big Asks Clearing & Clarity Audio & Video + extra's

Big Asks

English spoken Audio & Video & Clearing loop & highlighted Clearings on Pdf 

& Homeplay & Energy Pull

BA Audio set

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We will go with our BIG ASKS to a place of possibilities Beyond what you ever thought you were as a Gift as a way of changing your life by changing the solidification of molecules of what you have once chosen to have, be, perceive and receive from that is too small for you now. A place BEYOND EVERYTHING ever considered with a MAGIC, MIRACLES, MYSTERIES & POSSIBILITIES  energy that you truly BE!


Wat if it is possible? De choice is yours to choose, ask, gain clarity, clear and take the next step!


A Call where Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator Anita Loos brings you by her questions & facilitation to a place of clarity on what you have done and chosen with every New Years resolutions that seemingly failed ( which is non existence) and you are still hitting yourself for on the head unknowingly where we clear those solidified places energetically so that you have more space available filled with possibilities and choice to choose from and create a phenomenal life and living beyond everything!


Anita Loos is een Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator en heeft een ruimte van vriendelijkheid, dankbaarheid, kwetsbaarheid, magie & onnoemelijk plezier tot haar beschikking waarmee ze met gemak elke situatie en elk lichaam/persoon faciliteert. Met de keuzes van de deelnemers zijn er energie shifts en veranderingen met gemak mogelijk geworden in haar classes die fenomenaal te noemen zijn. De ruimte die Anita is en tot haar beschikking heeft is ook voor een ieder aanwezig beschikbaar. Die bekrachtiging & vergroting van jou en van bewustzijn op de wereld is haar cadeau.


"Consciousness Includes Everything & Judges Nothing"

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